16 Oct

Welcome Sean Davidson!

We would like to introduce our newest team member, Sean Davidson. Sean has just completed his first semester of his 4th year in the civil engineering program at the University of Waterloo. This will be his 6th and final co-op placement where he is looking forward to gain additional experience in structural restoration. Upon graduation, Sean will have earned a Structural Certificate along with an option in Management Sciences. We look forward to providing Sean with new experiences and supporting him through his development. Welcome, Sean!

05 Oct

Welcome Andrew McLean!

Synergy Partners is proud to announce our newest team member, Andrew McLean. Andrew is joining our restoration team after graduating from Civil Engineering (with Honours) from the University of Waterloo. Through his university co-op placements, Andrew gained various experiences in consulting engineering (building restoration), general contracting, and project management. Outside of work, Andrew volunteers his time to help Syrian refugees relocating to Canada. We continue to grow our team to support our great clients take on new projects and challenges. Welcome Andrew!


25 Sep

Synergy Partners Welcomes WonJai Jang!

We are proud to announce that WonJai Jang is the newest member of the restoration team. He recently graduated from Civil Engineering at Queen’s University. He comes with experience in quality assurance review of curtain / window wall assemblies while working for Toro Group in Concord. His past experiences and education will be a great benefit to the Synergy team. Welcome WonJai!

06 Jul

Synergy Partners Announces Newest Team Members

Synergy Partners continues to grow, in order to meet the trust placed in us by our clients. We are pleased to introduce the latest team members to have joined us:

  • Royston D’Souza, Project Associate – Building Renewal and Enclosure Engineering
  • Dan Bezjak, Project Associate – Building Renewal and Enclosure Engineering
  • Ron Hoffer, Project Associate – Property Condition Assessments
  • Sam Tafreshi, Project Associate – Building Renewal and Enclosure Engineering
  • Allison Paquet, Project Associate – Property Condition Assessments

Synergy Partners provides great careers and growth opportunities for all our employees. In our four years, we have grown to become a dynamic team of 36 employees.

21 Jun

Synergy Partners Announces Four New Shareholders

Synergy Partners is proud to announce four new shareholders:

  • Jagrut Prajapati, B.A.Sc. – Building Restoration
  • Adam Balicki, M.B.Sc. – Building Restoration
  • Melissa Morlidge, M.B.Sc. – Building Restoration
  • Justin Ward, P.Eng, Building Restoration

Each of these new shareholders has been a key contributor in delivering exceptional service and building strong client relationship across all classes of real estate. Furthermore, they stay committed to our team’s success and contribute to a great working environment.

Synergy Partners continues to provide great careers and growth opportunities for all our employees. As a result, in our four years we have grown to become a dynamic team of 36 employees.

Synergy Partners is an employee-owned Canadian company providing building engineering and capital planning services.

01 Dec

Synergy at the 2017 Condominium Conference

The 2017 Condominium Conference (presented by CCI-Toronto and ACMO) was a successful event with over 1400 attendees. The conference was co-chaired this year by one of our Managing Principals, Sally Thompson. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet some new people. Synergy was proud to be an exhibitor, a presenter and a gold sponsor.

04 Oct

Synergy Partners come out on top in Bubble Soccer Blowout!

Synergy was back at it again and this time with a vengeance! On Thursday September 21st, 2017. Synergy Partners participated in a friendly tournament of Bubble Soccer. This tournament was in support of the charity, Youth Empowering Parents. It was an afternoon of fun, with plenty of “bubble tackles” to go around. Our team was 11 players strong and included, Adam Thompson, Adam Balicki, Adam Parker, Mark Chiu, Avalon Olesen, Patrick Cutten, Sophia Simeone, Blair Gamracy, Kevin Wu Almanzar, Dylan Haber and Serge Ohanian. This year Synergy came out on top winning the tournament! The event was a hit, everyone really enjoyed themselves and all in the name of a great cause. For more info on Youth Empowering Parents you can visit their website here. <yepeducation.com>

01 Aug

Synergy Partners Announces Three New Shareholders

Synergy Partners is very proud to announce three new shareholders:

• Dylan Haber, B.Sc. Eng., B.A. – Property condition assessments
• Stewart Handrahan, M.Eng., P.Eng. – Property condition assessments
• Mark Chiu, B.Eng. – Building restoration

Each has been a key contributor to our success in building strong client relationships across all classes of real estate and to creating a great team that has grown to 30 employees over our first three years. Synergy Partners continues to provide great careers and growth opportunities for all of our employees.

Synergy Partners is an employee-owned Canadian company providing building engineering and capital planning services.

29 May

New Requirements for Toronto Apartment Buildings

As of July 1, 2017, a new set of requirements will be included in the Toronto Municipal Code. These will apply to apartment buildings with three or more storeys and ten or more units. This is not applicable to co-operative housing, long-term care facilities or licensed retirement homes. It is also not applicable to condominiums, even those that contain many investor-owned and rented units.

Highlights of new requirements include:

• Apartment owner must register each building annually and pay a fee. Annual registration must include information about the building owners and operators, a description of the security features, a description of sub-metering features, and other information that may be required by the Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards.
• Apartment owner must put in place a tenant request tracking system and meet requirements with respect to responding to requests (within 1 day for urgent requests and within 7 days for non-urgent requests). Requests are urgent if they are related to the discontinuance of the following vital services: fuel, electricity, gas, heat, hot or cold water or the breach of building security or suite security, or breach of building envelope.
• Apartment owner must post a notice board to communicate with owners. The board must tell them about service disruptions, upcoming capital work, cleaning plans, emergency contacts, the location of the nearest cool space, and copies of work orders and Municipal Licensing and Standards audits.
• Pest management plans must be in place including a restriction that an apartment cannot be rented if pests are known to be present in the unit.
• Waste management plans must be in place including information about how required diversion will be completed.
• Cleaning plan must be in place, committing to routine inspections and cleaning, including how emergency cleaning needs will be met.
• Apartment owner must have a state-of-good repair capital plan in place, and must make this available to tenants and prospective tenants upon request. The requirements include very little information about this plan other than that it must include a list of “capital elements” and the years when they are planned for replacement or upgrading. The term “capital plan” infers that budgets will be provided, but this is not specifically indicated, so until clarification is provided, we assume a one-page summary of elements and repair timing will be sufficient.
• The building owner must keep, for at least 24 months, a record of activities undertaken to comply with these new requirements (tenant request log, cleaning log, pest control log etc.).
• A unit cannot be rented if a work order is open on the unit.
• The City can do inspections, pre-audits, audits and follow-up and the costs of these services will be charged to the building owner per a defined schedule of rates (except for social housing providers, who do not have to pay).

Anyone who commits an offence under the new chapter requirements is guilty of an offence and can be fined up to $100,000.

The City may implement a tenant engagement program to make tenants aware of their rights related to these new requirements.

02 Nov

Shaping the Future – ACMO/CCI Condo Conference 2016

The annual Condo Conference is next week, November 11th and 12th at the Toronto Congress Centre, North Building. If you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late. Go to www.condoconference.ca. While at the show, come visit Synergy Partners at booth 122.

Synergy’s Sally Thompson will be moderating “Rapid-Fire Engineering” on November 11 at 5:00 to 6:00 pm. This session will feature a distinguished panel including our own David De Rose. We will be discussing a variety of engineering-related topics. Join us to learn if a combined heat and power (CHP) generator is something worth considering. Learn the benefits and pitfalls of LED lighting and the use of motion sensors. Gather some best practices for managing your Kitec piping. Get up to date on new technical requirements to be sure that your buildings, and in particular, your elevators, stay on the right side of the law.

Please also join us at 10:30am on the Tradeshow floor when Jeffrey Ricard and David De Rose will be presenting “Windows: To Repair or Replace, That is the Question”.